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Howdy, and welcome to my playbook. My craft is aligning organizations by planning, building and managing towards goals. I have a passion for technology businesses, especially those that leverage software to improve daily life.

My strength is bringing these two silos together: I sit at the intersection of these two disciplines and believe that each is one-part art and one-part science. With discipline and process, we can focus on creation.


I received a BS in Computer Engineering in 2009 from the University of Notre Dame — an institution built on academics, integrity, and faith.


I have worked with businesses across America and Europe. This career approach has informed my perspective; I pursue excellence and growth.


I am a father and a husband. I am also a friend. I challenge myself everyday to better myself and those around me. Enjoying life is a team effort.


As an operations leader, I take a systems engineering approach to ensure that daily work reflects — and is aligned with — business needs. These needs are usually dictated by inter-market performance and reflect strategic resource prioritization.

Therefore, I study trends in technology, management, and institutional capital. My views here are my own, and they reflect my pursuit to understand how all systems work.


I've chosen for this site to be simple; the content is deliberately placed front and center. It may be considered visually lacking, but perhaps this caters to greater visual literacy for the reader. Your mileage may vary.

Devin Fee

Devin Fee


I'm a father, and engineer turned businessman. I have built my career in the world of early stage, venture backed businesses.

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