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Building a growth-oriented business without a strategic playbook is a waste of resources. Calling the right plays is even more important. This site is a living copy of my playbook.


Cowboys & Villagers – Simple Thoughts on Hiring

Your first hires were probably mistakes. Mine were disasters; they demonstrated humanity's fascinating ability to self-implode. Hiring is hard.

You'll probably begin by hiring people who look like you. Not demographically (right?), but people who share the same traits you share: hard working, perfectionist, and maybe even unforgiving. Or, you've hired people you want to be friends with – people you'd enjoy going to a concert with or perhaps carrying on a different type of relationship with (i.e. platonic).

So while I was digging a bit deeper into SaaStr this evening I came across an interesting discussion between Sarah Lacey and Slack's CEO, Stewart Butterfield. Slack is a team of 40 year-old plus employees. Slack doesn't screen for age, but