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Building a growth-oriented business without a strategic playbook is a waste of resources. Calling the right plays is even more important. This site is a living copy of my playbook.


Management Is Naturally Imperfect

The fundamental theory of management is that by collecting and assessing enough (all) information, a perfect decision can be made. An omniscient decision maker, for example, chooses his decisions and understands their consequences prior to action. But management is imperfect because it relies on data of varying quality. For example: information gathered from a biased employee, reporting data handicapped by inadequate collection, or modeling that supports a chosen narrative. The art of management is that most…

Pay-for-Performance is a Costly Tool

On creating value and managing accountability An interesting topic of discussion came across my radar — I’ve framed it here as a question: what do you think of using performance incentives to motivate employees? If you’re too lazy to read: I believe that periodic performance tied to cash compensation is misaligned with the long-term value creation. My (Biased) Background For the last two years I’ve been the president of a non-profit organization. This organization…